Welcome to the stream stories blog.

The focus of this blog is to bring aquatic science out to a broader audience. Posts are based on recent articles published in the refereed literature. Some topical issues in river and water management also feature as well as selected links to online news reports.

Tallaroo hot springs, north Queensland

Talaroo hot springs, north Queensland. One of the myriad freshwater ecosystems. Photo: R. O’Connor

The content inevitably reflects my personal interests and background – this is the plus side of not being paid for your work. These interests and biases include Australian rivers, ecological research, and research with clear implications for management.

The author Ruth O’Connor has a masters degree in Applied Science specializing in freshwater ecology. She has over ten years experience working in the research and government sectors studying rivers and wetlands around Australia to determine what impact people are having on them. In the last ten years she has worked for several large collaborative research groups bringing scientists and science users together to promote the adoption of science (sometimes known as knowledge brokering).